Latest Advancement in Clearing Trauma

(dramatized version)

The little boy quickly climbs up the tree beside the driveway to avoid the bullies getting him. The one grabs his foot. He manages to pull up his foot, almost losing his shoe in the process and got higher up in the tree.

Boy climbing tree

The bullies are preparing to climb up after him.

Suddenly, a car pulls into the driveway.

“It’s dad, he’ll rescue me!” the little boy calls out in his mind, not letting a word out.

Angry dad yelling

His dad confronts the bullies. By this time, little Robert is back down. The boot of the car opens up, a hammer comes into view.

The next moment lashes fall….

When Robert comes by, to his greatest shock, he realizes that his dad got him with the hammer and the bullies left laughing.

This memory haunted Robert for many years to come. He found himself distrusting people, being scared of certain people, avoiding anyone resembling his dad. He battled to concentrate in the classroom, his mind always wandering off, always watching out for trouble that may come his way.

Much later in life, he found himself, for no reason, being grumpy with his sons until he is confronted one day by his eldest in the car.

This caused Robert to start searching for answers to his mental issues. He finally got onto something when studying about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). That is a study on how the mind stores memories. This paid off big time a few years down the line as he started working on people and seeing major changes.

He realized how the memories, emotions and feelings all fit together and the biggest discovery was how to repair traumatic damage almost effortlessly and fast.

If you would like to see him in action, watch the free videos and see major changes happen in people on the stage.